Must Have Qualities of A Lawyer

10/07/2014 13:04

If you are looking for a  great lawyer who defend you in court. Then, you should know these good qualities that a lawyer must have.


Top lawyers are always:

  1. Creative -  a top lawyer always think outside the box, he is able to think creatively when unique circumstances arises.  

  2. Analytical Skills - a great lawyer posses excellent analytical skills to make valuable reasons in large volume of information.

  3. Interpersonal Skills - paralegals should have excellent interpersonal skills in building trust and harmonious relationship.

  4. Research Skills - Legal battles always requires extensive amount of preparations.  This would entails comprehension of pertinent information and excellent research skills in keeping track of records.

  5. Perseverance -  People who work in legal office should know this word. As we always know that working in a law firm requires many hours of manual works spent in research and analysis.  They are obliged to take time in lots of writing to get the job done.

  6. Logical Thinking Ability - this is the capacity to form logical thoughts out of judgements and assumptions based on gathered data and information presented.

  7. Pursues Continuing Education -  A great lawyer keep himself abreast of competencies required.    This means continues development of the acquired knowledge through education. In USA, 48 states have obliged lawyers to continue with their educational units.

  8. Public Speaking -  one of the skills every lawyer should have, public speaking  involves the ability to express ideas in courtrooms.  And speaking in front of many people in a formal manner.

  9. Writing Skills -  this is essential in compelling legal documents, arguments, briefs and motions.

  10. Comprehension Skills -  Paralegals should have above average comprehension skills and strong understanding in any forms of written words. This is essential to understand the complexity of the subject matter. Also, legal manuscripts are tedious in meaning, so wide understanding in a must.




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