Interesting Facts about Being a Lawyer

10/31/2014 14:27

Being a lawyer is a tough job,  it will never be easy for anyone to get that licence and stand in courts with authority. Thus, every hopes and desires aren’t that difficult to reach when you strike hard and never ceases to stop.

With that, here are the things you must know about becoming a lawyer:

  1. Lawyers  spent years in school.  Its curriculum expands for another three years in  (LAW SCHOOL),  after a four year bachelor degree  in Philosophy, economics, political sciences  or any related preparatory degree courses for LAW. Once finally done with law school you must pass a difficult exam for lawyers called BAR exam.   Since the exam if way too difficult you must spend time on trainings and reviews for you to nail it.  Great dedication is a must if you want to succeed in this field.
  2. Type of Lawyer – Lawyers are classified according to their field of specialization. The most common type of lawyers are the criminal defence attorneys which were known due to CSI and other primetime series.  Other type of lawyers are family lawyers,  they are involved in family code and primarily on divorce cases.  We also have real estate lawyers who help patent investors through mortgage and finance loans.
  3. Advantages and Drawbacks-  Lawyers are paid very well.  According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics, lawyers received an average of around $125,000 in 2008.  And because of their high educational attainment, lawyers are well respected.  As a lawyer it can’t be avoided to work long hours.   And the dreadful part would be losing a case that you really worked hard on,  and freeing  guilty people and the innocent one to jail.
  4. Why become a Lawyer –  Lawyers are one of the most useful people in the world. They do a lot of good deeds like helping  parents adopt children so that they can have a better life.  This is life changing and it makes us feel good about ourselves.  Usually, in times of trouble, we call lawyers to help us and better understand our situations.  If you have plans of becoming a lawyer, think of the advantages and disadvantages and seek for advice from someone who are in the field.  Not everyone can become a lawyer, but for those who hear the mission it can be a rewarding profession..

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