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10/22/2014 15:47

Did you know that there are different kinds of law you can practice? In fact, lawyers work in specific demands and duties.  If you want to become a lawyer you can specialize in criminal, family, environmental, corporate law to government, tax and intellectual law specialists.  There are many specializations to choose from, it’s up to you then to decide on what field you want to practice.


But before you decide let me tell you some of the interesting facts about being a lawyer.


  1. Lawyers are good storyteller - In this kind of practice clients will share their preconceived notion that is relevant to their case, and will ask for your help in resolving the issue. With these, you are opt to craft stories around your clients need.  Oftentimes, you need to research on how you can fill the hole, create stories and support conclusions.   Some lawyers bind their stories in a story book.

  2. Lawyers are well rounded - if you are lawyer it is important that you keep abreast of the ever changing competence.  The nature of your professional growth is under the state of flux.  It requires substantial acquisition of knowledge and trends in both sociological and political concepts. Thus, continuous learning makes you a well-rounded person and takes you away from the factions of the relegated ones.

  3. Lawyers are mostly Caucasians- The American Bar Association published their journal in 2011, stating that there were 1,245,205 licensed lawyers in the United States. A relevant number of 8 percent of female lawyers was observed in 1980 and soared up to 30 percent in 2005.  Since then, an application to law school has declined.  Another interesting fact is that in 2001, 88.1 % of lawyers were Caucasians and thus the percentage remains the same in 2010.  As exactly as the percentage of lawyers who are in solo private practice during 1980 till 2005.

  4. Lawyers are Flexible - being a paralegal demand rigorous pedagogy to be followed, such as accounting and surgery.   That is why  as a lawyer you should remain flexible in the midst of ever changing nature of duty. For example, environmental law is relatively new in the 21st century, and lawyers as paralegals are obliged to adapt government’s regulation to incorporate with respective clients. Another thing, is the massive impact of internet in the practice field of law.  Lawyers must be informed as new ideas become available online.





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