Finding a Lawyer for Consumer Dispute

11/20/2014 10:20

Consumer dispute is a frustrating legal issue.  Hiring a lawyer is the best solution for your problem. There are several ways to hire a lawyer, review the options below and choose the solution for your situation.

Consumer Trade and Organization - There are government organizations and agencies that help consumers solve disputes, such as billing errors, warranty issues and consumer fraud.

Ø  Federal Trade Commission (FTC) – Instead of hiring a lawyer, you can file a complaint with Federal Trade Commission to avoid courthouse.  

Ø  Your State Attorney General’s Office - This is the right to file compliant with your state’s Attorney General Consumer Protection Division.  If state laws are apply, it is part of the job of the state attorney to enforce consumer protection laws.  It is also applicable that they investigate on consumer claims, criminal charges and even lawsuits.  

Ø  Consumer organization - For local complaints you can file with your Better Business Bureau which efficiently work on compromising and negating.

·         Public Agencies besides the Attorney General’s office, such as vehicle fraud agencies or those regulating lending institutions.

·         A local consumer’s union

·         Government- funded legal services providers that take consumer cases and change sliding-scale or reduced legal fees based on income.

Ø  Small Claims Court –   this can be a good option if methods of solving problem still are not working. Each state has small courts to resolve small cases, often $5,000 or less.  In small courts consumer issues are geared towards the layperson.  When filing a case in small courts, you represent yourself. Thus, this is a subject for consideration since rules of court may allow you to hire lawyers for representations.

Ø  Hiring a Lawyer – If your problem is complex, hiring a lawyer can be your best option.  If you have problems on hiring a lawyer, you can search a lawyer on and get what you need.  But if you want to know better your lawyer, you can do screenings to whittle down your prospective candidates.

·         Read biographies and personal blogs/websites about their firms and backgrounds

·         Look for their previous clients, are they similar to yourself? Do you think he could represent you efficiently?

·         Use the search engine to find articles / FAQs or any informational pieces about your lawyers.

·         Ask people you know for references

·         Look for yellow pages and other business directories for websites for reviews and word of mouth.

·         Consider any special needs you have such as language preferences.

·         Lawyers who are involved in the chamber of commerce or other equivalent organization can be a good choice, it depends on your legal needs.







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